What inspired you to start your business?

The opportunity arose when my family decided to move from Hamilton to Tauranga. You can read more about that here.

Everest were keen to expand into the Bay of Plenty and asked me to set up the Everest office in Tauranga.

Tell us about your business?

Everest has been in Hamilton for over 12 years and Tauranga for 15 months. Everest is a well-recognised and respected HR consultancy business. We specialise in business ‘people and culture’. Whether you need help hiring the best people for your team; looking for practical human resource advice and support; want to develop yourself, your team or individuals; or need to make some changes in your organisation, Everest can help.

What do you love about running your business?

The autonomy and flexibility.

Having the scope to shape the Tauranga Everest office into a fun and professional workplace that supports local businesses and contributes to the Bay of Plenty economy through the work we do.

What have been some of your biggest challenges?

Establishing the Everest ‘brand’ in the Bay of Plenty (this is still an ongoing challenge)

Balancing providing HR Specialist support to businesses and continuing to drive business development activities

Initially finding an office was difficult. We are now based in the Sharp Tudhope building which is fantastic. A central location with awesome views, surrounded by friendly and professional lawyers.

Do you have a favourite quote?

Sometimes you never know the value of the moment until it becomes a memory, Dr Suess

Who inspires you, and why?

I am inspired by passionate people because they provide energy and insight.
I am inspired by nature because it provides peace, stability, challenge and change.
I am inspired by work that makes a positive difference to community and people.

What growth have you experienced being in Venus?

I be able to establish strong business networks while being a Venus member and also made some good friends.

Women are redefining success and growing businesses on their terms: What does success look like to you?

Success for me is running an effective Everest office in Tauranga and being a fun and loving mum and wife at home.

What’s your favourite pastime when you are not working?

Being outside in our beautiful natural environment.

Tani Hansen


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