Meeting and Education Topics 13 April – 26 April 2019 – Negotiation – What’s your Networking Plan?

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Last fortnight we thought about Negotiation. This fortnight we invite you to share with the group what you have learnt from this exercise.


Negotiation is something we do in our everyday lives, whether it be with our partners, kids or in business.

As a business skill, it is convenient to be a confident negotiator, working out a mutually beneficial arrangement can secure long term business and is essential as part of any collaborative relationship.

It is a process by which compromise and agreement are reached.

The principles of fairness, seeking mutual benefit and successfully maintaining a good relationship are the keys to a successful outcome.

Negotiation typically involves:

• Preparation
• Discussion
• Clarification of goals
• A Win-Win outcome
• Agreement
• Implementation of a course of action

A positive open minded attitude is key to negotiation, as is compromise. A good negotiation involves questioning, listening, clarifying and agreeing. It’s all about working out the ‘ins and outs’ and making sure it is a win for everyone. A successful negotiation will see all sides feeling like they have been heard and they are gaining something positive or of benefit.

Education Topic

What’s your Networking Plan?

As you’re all members of Venus you’ve worked out it’s a good idea to make networking a regular part of running your business but do you plan your networking activities and devote a certain amount of time and money to them?

Prioritising your time

Consider all your business activities and work out how much time you can realistically devote to networking. Remember networking is work, you might enjoy it, which is great, but remember you are investing time in your business so spend it wisely. Allocate time in your week to networking more enjoyable and be prepared, you will appear confident and clear in your message. Your message is more likely to find a home with your audience or prompt them to think of someone in their network that you can help.

When you are considering your networking activities, think about what you hope to achieve. Consider who you want to meet and why, and think about what you have to offer. This way you can prioritise events to attend, making your networking more effective.

Remember your network marketing meeting is a ‘business meeting’, so don’t blow it off because you are ‘too busy’ – these meetings, and getting your message out, is what got you to busy!


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