What is a Referral Alliance?

A referral alliance is a partnership with another business person where you both have an agreed commitment to create as many win/win opportunities as possible for one another.

The Venus Clubs provide the opportunity for you and for your club members to form referral alliances with each other. It also provides the platform for you to develop your knowledge of and to then teach members about referral marketing, referral alliances and developing referral marketing programmes within their business.

All of which result in the increase of sales and clients to both you and your club members.

Here are some ways you can make the most of your referral alliances and you can coach your members to make the most of their referral alliances. The answers to these questions are in the ‘Growth of Venus Clubs’ manual.

Educating the club about your business

•    Who are good prospects for you
•    How do you serve them
•    What are the benefits of using your service or product
•    How is your product different from your competitors
•    Share success stories and how you solve specific client problems

Receive the referrals in the best way
•    Make contact with new prospects as soon as possible
•    Keep referral sources advised of your progress
•    Thank referral sources with small gifts
•    If prospects become clients, get the clients to thank the referral sources (making them a hero and you more referable)

The Win/Win Alliance

Your alliances should be productive for everyone involved. Here are some important things you must do to make sure your referral alliances become productive sources of referrals:

•    Give them referrals
•    Help them solve problems through your network of contacts
•    Give them advice
•    Be a good listener when they need one

Your referral alliances will give you referrals because:

•    You have served them well, and they want to pay you back
•    They want to be heroes to their customers, clients by referring them to other great products and services
•    They know that helping you will come back to them one way or another
•    They truly want to contribute to your success because they like and trust you

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