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Grit in Business

Dolly Parton once said, "Above everything else I've done, I've always said I have more guts than talent." Some say the key differentiator for achieving success in business [...]

Do you have a fixed or a growth mindset?

  FEEDBACK HELPS YOU GROWH - GROWTH MINDSET Mind-set is a simple idea discovered by world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck in decades of research on achievement and [...]

Success Through Building Value in your Business

Building value in your business requires strong self-belief and a deep understanding of the customers you serve. Truly believing in and connecting with your value is a driving [...]

Carolyn Banks – at the helm of Venus

Carolyn Banks loves Monday mornings. While a good portion of the working world will wake with a groan to a commute-calling alarm, Carolyn wakes up to the gentle [...]


Denise Arnold ~ Advocate for Freedom Tauranga woman Denise Arnold is co-director of a law firm, the founder of a charitable trust that works with the poorest of [...]


4 Cash-Flow Tips for Success in Business Why cash management is essential for your company Cash flow is to a business what blood is to the human body. Nothing can impact a business more dramatically than not being able to make payroll one Friday. Proper cash-flow management begins on the first day you start your business—and it never stops. […]

This is a well loved and anticipated read for women all over the country.




Carolyn Banks

At the helm of Venus

Carolyn Banks loves Monday mornings.  While a good portion of the working world will wake with a groan to a commute-calling alarm, Carolyn wakes up to the gentle lapping of the ocean against the hull of her yacht. Sipping her tea up on deck, she watches the sun dance over Auckland Harbour as her thoughts turn to the week ahead and to the 1100 women she is responsible for as Venus national manager.

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“I absolutely love the Venus Magazine. I look forward to receiving it and taking time out to sit down and enjoy it from cover to cover. Such an inspiration – thank you.”
Mary Kater - Tauranga Venus
“Great edition – loved reading it last night!.”
Sarah Bruce - Auckland Venus
“The wait is over – I got my copy today at our meeting Yay!!”
Teri Binding - Wellington Venus
“Your article about Accessing Your Intuitive Wisdom so resonates with me and where I am at. I have more faith than I have had for a long time and this has just given me another awesome tool to add to my others ones.”
Cherie Hawkins