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From: Colleen Ryan - Hamilton Cityside

Title: Soul Power Kinesiology Colour Harmonics


A beautiful symbolic healing modality to shape our inner and outer worlds for personal development, knowledge and holistic healthcare. Priority Wellness offers 2017 workshops, Basic and Advanced Levels - it's fun, inspiring, uplifting and transformative.



From: Janine Langdon-Lee - Wellington North

To: Hana Zawodny - Lower Hutt

Date: 10th April 2017

Service Product: Fudge

You need to try this fudge. It is a taste sensation! I ordered three different flavours and wow - I was hooked! I found it hard to pick a favourite out of the pottles we ordered because they were all divine.

Thanks Hana for the awesome customer service and the amazing fudge!



From: Helen McEwen - Central Hutt

Event Name: Managing Business Cash Flows

Short Description: Join us for a 90 minute Managing Business Cash Flows and Eliminate Your Cash Flow Worries - Forever!

Event Date: 8th May 2017

Event Time: 04:00 pm

Venue: HVCC Level 3 15 Daly Street Lower Hutt

Cost: $35.00 per person

To Register: Go to

Hosts/Presenters: Hetherington Johnston Limited

Description: By attending this event your'll:- 1. Learn the difference between profit and cash surplus in your business. 2. Learn how the Working Capital Cycle works. 3. Establish your Cash Conversion Cycle. 4. Identify the causes of poor cash flow. 5. Understand the process changes that improve your cash flow.



From: Hana Zawodny - Lower Hutt

To: Paula Kruger - Lower Hutt

Date: 2nd April 2017

Service Product: Business Terms and Conditions

Paula assisted Fudge Fix Ltd to create standard Terms and Conditions to ensure that we can hold customers to account should we be in an unfortunate situation where they don't pay their account(s).

Paula was extremely professional, asked pertinent questions to ensure she fully understood our business and produced a very professional outcome within a short space of time. I highly recommend Paula as she provides education along the way and makes the process seamless for you.

Thanks Paula - EC Credit Control



From: Patty Wunder - Christchurch - Papanui

To: Mary Hurrell - Christchurch - Papanui

Date: 31st March 2017

Service Product: Pilates...YOUR WAY

Mary is the bomb diggity in pilates that come to you! you don't have to be a ready made pretzel. Mary helps you work on your inner core...your inner powerhouse...and will blow you away with how small intentional movements can help you find strength, flexibility, and movement. From couch potato to athlete, Mary can help you "fire on all pistons"...and she comes to you! EASY PEASY!



From: Patty Wunder - Christchurch - Papanui

To: Kim Hamblin - Christchurch - Papanui

Date: 31st March 2017

Service Product: Photography

Kim has such a clean and fresh and warm touch to her photography. I could pick it out anywhere. She genuinely cares about you, your family...including your fur babies, and making sure everyone is completely comfortable and at ease...which ensures the PERFECT photo! Plus it's not all about the's how you display and admire it in your home and how it will best fit in your space. Great eye!!



From: Patty Wunder - Christchurch - Papanui

To: Kyla Kuzniarski - Christchurch - Papanui

Date: 31st March 2017

Service Product: Design, Art, Creative Vision

Kyla is amazing. I know that sounds general, but her talent and creativity, mixed with her passion and vibe make her one of my most favourite artists. I would recommend partnering with Kyla to transform your space into a feel good, fresh vibe, guaranteed to brighten your day and make you smile! Kyla also does art for, and so much more...go check her out! There's just way too much to tell you what this lady is capable of creating especially for YOU!



From: Carol Speirs - Petone

To: Annie Jackson - Petone

Date: 26th March 2017

Service Product: IT

Annie is a caring person who will do the best for her clients. She has a strong customer focus and is willing to go the extra mile to make it right.
- Carol



From: Annie Jackson - Petone

To: Sharyn Gibbons - Mana

Date: 27th February 2017

Service Product: Social networking guru

I can not thank Sharyn enough for what she has done to raise our online profile in recent weeks. Her social networking expertise is working wonders and all I have to do is sit back and watch the LIKES come in. Thank you Sharyn - Time4You.



From: Anne Conroy - Mana

To: Monica Ferguson - Lower Hutt

Date: 21st February 2017

Service Product: Photographer

Monica has a natural way of connecting with people, particularly with those who are a little camera shy. Available For individual head shots, family groups, engagements and weddings. For any occasion you want to capture forever, I recommend you get in touch with her - Monica Ferguson Photography.

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