Supporting women in business – why it’s so important

Creating and nurturing a world where women feel supported in business doesn’t just help female-led businesses to grow, but actually supports families and wider communities to thrive.

It does so by bringing money and balance into households while allowing women the freedom to maintain a career that leaves them feeling fulfilled. It encourages a balanced home environment where equality is nurtured and valued, where high performance and independence is inspired and where both critical and creative thinking skills are developed.

It also promotes the growth and development of local business hubs, helping to ensure that profits remain in communities, while contributing services to a society in a positive and impactful way. In fact, it is said that women are reinvesting up to 90% of their earnings into their families and communities – which means supporting women in business is really an investment in the collective success of society.

Historically, women have been underrepresented when it comes to business ownership, but they are creative and efficient, and their ability to think laterally in different situations is often what makes them successful. There are other skills that women bring to roles naturally – we are more inclined to be nurturing, supportive and driven by ethics and intuition. These are skills that are often downplayed or under-recognised in a business environment, but it’s time for women – and men – to realise the value these skills can bring when applied in a professional world.

Female business owners, generally, are driven by something bigger than profits. There is a real purpose behind what they do – on two levels. Firstly, because their business offers them a way to support their family on their terms, and secondly, to use their talents in a positive way. They put values, integrity and honesty at the core of their business. They’ve thought creatively to create a business that works for them, while fulfilling a need for a market that can benefit from their unique skills.

Supporting entrepreneurship of any kind is important, but it’s particularly important to ensure that opportunities are available for communities that are underrepresented – and women are one of them.

Which is why we created the New Zealand Business Women’s Conference. We want to educate, inspire, motivate and support women in their journey through business ownership. The conference will provide an environment where they can build confidence, create support networks and feel safe to take risk. We believe so many women have what it takes to create successful, profitable businesses – they just have to believe in themselves. By giving them access to insights and advice from established, successful Kiwi business owners, we hope they feel empowered to continue following their dream, while supporting other women in business to do the same.