Tell us about your business?

The Mortgage Girls, established in 2015 with a vision to help make home buying dreams come true for everyday kiwis.

We have a highly driven team with previous success in the finance industry with many years in the banking, insurance and finance history between us we know we have what it takes to keep our customers happy.

What do you love about running your business?

I love the freedom. Coming from a high stress corporate career where I was stuck in an office for 60 hours a week, I really really appreciate being able to work from anywhere and anytime. It means that I can fit in my passions and achieve my professional and personal goals at the same time.

What have been some of your biggest challenges?

Leaving my Corporate role for the unknown was very scary and it took a while for me to adjust and drop the guilt I felt from the freedom I been given, completing all your work for the week by Thursday so you can take is easy Friday is something I really struggled with for a long time. I also takes a good 6-8 months to get the wheels turning in a mortgage business and that can be disheartening.

Do you have a favourite quote?

Go passionately in the direction of your dream, live the life you have imagined. – Thoreau

What growth have you experienced being in Venus?

I am a referral machine!! I feel comfortable referring my clients to the other ladies in Venus because I have really taken the time to get to know them, like them and trust them. Knowing my customers are in safe hands means my customers are happy makes my job a lot easier!!

What’s your favourite pastime when you are not working?

I lift heavy weights!! I am a competitive strength athlete, I participate in Power lifting, Olympic Lifting and Strongman. I have represented NZ in Strongman at Southern Hemispheres Strongest Woman in 2019. My biggest achievements in these sports were breaking the Canterbury squat record with 182.5kg in 2018 and being featured on Stuff and in the Press for my Strongman achievements. My goals for 2020 are to compete at a national level in all three sports I train in. So it’s safe to say if I’m not working hard making my client’s dreams come true I am in the gym!


Laura Carter

Venus Profile