What inspired you to start your business?

My background is IT – always managing staff in Operations in project management. I’ve always had Investment properties until I split with my husband and got divorced. Contracting was hard enough, so I started a Property Management business – had that for nearly 4 years and sold it, then decided right. What’s next. I knew that people needed conversations. Educated and led up the right path for Mortgages and Insurance – that’s life, income cover, medical etc. I wanted to make a difference.

Tell us about your business?

Lets Talk! Mortgages & Insurance, started off as Yes Home Loans, then I rebranded fully. That cost a lot, and also Trademarked my business. I’m truly passionate about looking after clients as a while. I’m also a celebrant so I really do the full circle of life. Find them a home, make sure that they are covered in the event they cant work or pass (that’s your Plan B) and then do the wedding or vice versa. How utterly cool. Launched in October 2015, with 2019 really being the icing on the cake. Taking a lease of a floor on 92sqm, and a full time Client Manager Helena, along with 2 national awards, a write up in a magazine, and then lastly right before Xmas becoming MDRT. That’s the organization for the top 5% of the insurance advisers in the world. There are currently only 80 in NZ, and now 81. Exciting times, when you love what you do.

What do you love about running your business?

Making a difference – especially with first home buyers. I have so many clients who come back and so many who refer. I have families, where I have both brothers and the sister and their partners, and the mother and 1 brother has bought rentals too, along with their insurance. I like knowing I can teach you things, you will remember for the future. It’s even right down, to tidying your bank accounts and how to be ready for the pre-approval. As for the insurance, I used to refer that out to insurance advisers, and as soon as I learnt how to truly do it, then I knew it was better for my clients. And they have just 1 person to call as well. I’m based in St Heliers but have clients all over NZ and have bought 2 businesses into mine as well.

What have been some of your biggest challenges?

April 2018 – business just seemed to stop. I don’t know why. Right before I won New Adviser of the year. A man was talking on stage, at a conference, so afterwards I went and talked to him and his wife. Turned out he lived 2 miles from where I used to live in the UK. He’s now my business mentor talking to me every single weekend on my Saturday and Sunday evenings. Having the accountability was awesome, and he grew his more as well. He’s the reason I made MDRT which is pretty cool.

Do you have a favourite quote?

Learn something every day.
The day you don’t, I feel you go stale. Some days, Helena and I laugh that by 8:30am we could go home as we have already learnt something!

Women are redefining success and growing businesses on their terms: What does success look like to you?

Success to me looks like, paying the bills and knowing I can!! That’s huge. It’s just me as a single parent to 2 x teenagers and a decent mortgage! Taking on Helena was such a good feeling. For the future, it would be another assistant potentially and just a wee bit more holidays somehow 🙂

What’s your favourite pastime when you are not working?

Sitting on the beach, reading my book. Relaxing in my spa. Going to concerts big-time – I’ve been to a lot.


Sarah Bloxham


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