Providing opportunities for you to grow


In today’s economy businesswomen face unprecedented change and opportunities. We believe it’s vitally important that we keep on developing and growing both personally and professionally to maximise these opportunities in the rapidly evolving business environment.

We believe life-long learning and professional development plays an increasingly important part in the successful growth of our businesses.

We offer a range of workshops and training to help you develop personally and professionally.

Venus Events

The purpose of a Collaborative Teams is to provide a platform for and encourage collaborations between members in similar industries. It’s taking what we do in our group meetings to the next level of proactivity and strategic alliances. It’s about women who are in similar professions, working with similar clients getting together and brainstorming about how they can help one another and foster business between them.

This is an interactive, practical member-only two hour workshop where you’ll understand what a marketing message is, how to create a great one minute promo and how to make the most of your investment in Venus.


Here is your opportunity to be mentored through a powerful process that will support you to grow in business and in Venus. In this one hour workshop you will learn the art of setting goals, discover a powerful daily planning tool and find out how to maximise your energy.

For members only events please see your Facebook Regional Group and Meeting Group feeds or contact your VRM here for more information.

“Absolutely awesome workshop. I took away lots of very useful and easy to implement strategies. Thanks Carly, you rock.”

Catrina Bengree - Hutt Valley

“A great workshop, I would recommend it to other Venus ladies next time Carly is in town.”

Karen Smart - Wellington

“I attended the Collaborative Teams meeting run by the lovely Paula Kruger and Martine Carroll, and was really pleased with the outcome. I went in thinking it would be great to join forces with another couple of ladies in business where we could meet together on a regular basis to share ideas, talk over problems, and maybe join forces at some level to help each other move forward in business. What we achieved was an opportunity to make my products available to two other wonderful businesses where they can print photos of their clients onto different items, and then sell them to their clients with a portion of the profits going back to that business. So a win for everyone! I am really glad I attended Collaborative Teams – not only was it free as part of my Venus membership, but it has really given me an opportunity to help grow my business as well as that of others. You just never know who in the room you will be able to work with to benefit both your business and theirs.”

Jackie Forbes, Photo Fabric NZ

Business Skills Workshop Series

Develop the key business skills needed to grow a profitable, sustainable business in NZ.

  • ‘Seal the Deal’ – Creating YOUR Unique Sales Process
  • ‘Your Network is Your Net Worth’ – Get A Better Return for the Time & Money You Invest
  • ‘Keys to Successful Marketing’ – Don’t Be the Best-Kept-Secret in Your Market
  • ‘A Winning Team’ – Be the Kind of Leader Your People will WANT To Follow
  • ‘Financials Are Your Friend’ – Learn What To Track, Why and How Often
  • ‘Public Speaking Business Basics’ – Learn to put those presenting fears aside