We live and work by
the Venus Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do at Venus; how we live, how we work and how we serve the New Zealand business community. Our culture provides a foundation to achieve our purpose:
to empower New Zealand women to thrive.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

It’s a group of up to 24 women who are committed to growing their business or career through building strong relationships. They have also made the commitment to support you as you grow – by connecting you to trusted suppliers, potential referral alliances and new clients.
Because we are an awesome network of women. Through the Venus Network you can:
  • Fast track your business growth by tapping into the power of the collective group and getting solutions to your business challenges faster
  • Improve your community of support by developing mentors and friends
  • Tap directly into a rich source of qualified business referrals
  • Give back by helping grow other member businesses
Within the Venus Network you have the opportunity to develop a qualified, consistent and dynamic circle of networking partners who can provide you with referrals for new business. Group members, over time, get to understand the businesses represented in the group and develop trust and confidence in the goods and services provided by the members. Over time you develop trust in the relationships you build within your group  and knowledge in the businesses of your members. Through this trust and a commitment to look for opportunities to refer and connect members referrals happen.
Referral or word of mouth marketing is the smartest, most cost effective way to market your business and grow your network. Research has shown that this form of ‘verbal advertising’ can make a significant impact to your business performance with over 80% of new business generated this way. Within Venus you have a circle of advocates raving about you and your business to their contacts.
Our meeting times are either 9 – 10am or 9.30- 10.30am. We have scheduled our meetings at these times to work around women’s schedules and believe it is just one of the many ways that makes Venus unique. This start time allows for managing children, households and other commitments you may have.
  • Group Meetings
    Fortnightly meetings where you get to build strong business alliances, promote your business and grow your business network. Fortnightly R.A.V.E’s one on one catch up with another member to learn more in-depth information about each others business
  • RAVE’s
    Members make a commitment to have at least one business meeting with another member during each fortnight. You can share ideas, give and receive support and learn about one another business.
  • Regional networking events 
    Opportunities to meet like-minded businesswomen, to share, learn and network by attending Venus After 5 Networking events, breakfasts and lunches in your area and around NZ
  • Online Profile
    Promote your business on your own up-datable web page with gallery and testimonials – helping you boost your online profile to the thousands of women that visit our website each month.
  • Business Growth
    Learn strategies to market your business, increase your referrals and network strategically through our meeting topics and new member breakfasts and workshops
  • Venus Magazine
    Be inspired and empowered by our quarterly print publication
  • Business Skills Workshops
    Helping you build your mindset and skill in selling, presenting, marketing and networking. These are at a reduced rate of $95+GST per two hour workshop.
  1. Register as a guest:  register as a guest here >>
  2. Your Regional Manager will give you a call to discuss how Venus can help you, which group would be best suited for you and invite you to attend a group meeting as our guest
  3. Schedule in and attend a group meeting as our guest
  4. You can ask the Group Facilitator any questions you have after the meeting.
  5.  Your Regional Manager will then give you a call within a couple of days to check in to see if you’re keen to join

Payment plans

We’ll be offering 6 and 12 month plans on direct debit with fortnightly payments. Memberships can also be paid via lump sum.

  • Year One 12 month membership will be $632.50 plus GST ($25.67 plus GST per fortnight).
  • Year Two 12 month membership will be $548 plus GST ($22.43 plus GST per fortnight). A saving of $84.00!
  • Year Three 12 month membership will be $498.00 plus GST ($20.51 plus GST per fortnight). A saving of $134.00!
  • Year Four 12 month membership will be $448.00 plus GST ($18.59 plus GST per fortnight). A saving of $184.00!
  • Year Five 12 month membership will be $398.00 plus GST ($16.67 plus GST per fortnight). A saving of $234.00!
  • Year Six onwards 12 month membership will be $348.00 plus GST ($14.75 plus GST per fortnight). A saving of $284.00!

Six month memberships can also be paid through a payment plan option, however you won’t get decreasing membership rates if you choose to remain with this option.

  • $368 plus GST for a six month membership ($29.67 per fortnight plus GST)

Direct Debit Fees

All direct debit memberships will attract a $35 fee over the 12 months. There is a setup fee of $20 for a payment plan and early termination of $172.50.

Venus Loyalty Discounts

Loyalty discounts will become available on one year memberships  as a thank you for making a long-term commitment, not only to Venus but to other Venus members.

This price reduction will be available moving forward only, so retrospective years aren’t included towards your loyalty status.

We do have terms and conditions of membership. Please click here to read them in full.
Meet some of our passionate members who kindly provided us with wonderful feedback about why they love Venus so much and how it has been instrumental in the success of their business growth. Watch our member testimonial videos below.
We believe what makes Venus different is a combination of:
  • Our culture which is guided by our Values in Action – we believe in the feminine way to grow a business
  • The commitment that our members make to grow their business while they support you in growing your business
  • The all-women community which provides a supportive, caring and high integrity environment
  • There is a genuine desire to support you as you grow yourself, your network and your business
  • At Venus we have strong focus on growth and development. Through our meeting topics, our online resources and our magazine women find inspiration and education to help them grow their business.
Yes you do.

Your commitment to your own growth and to the growth of your members businesses and the network enables Venus to work for you and for all those involved to be successful. We have developed a list of membership guidelines over time so that every member knows what commitment they are expected to make when joining. These are:

  • Attend all fortnightly meetings – this is imperative
  • We believe each member can provide a minimum of one referral/connection per fortnight
  • Engage in a minimum of one RAVE (one-on-one meeting) per fortnight
  • Honour our one profession rule – choose the profession you’ll promote and stick to it
  • Follow the Venus Values – our guiding principles
Every fortnight your group will meet together for a one-hour structured meeting. Your meetings are facilitated by a fellow member, your Group Facilitator. To create the most value for the time spent in a meeting we follow a meeting agenda. The purpose of the meetings is for members to meet and build strong business friendships with other members of their Venus Network. It is an opportunity for members to educate one another about their businesses so they can help expand their client base through quality referrals. You will have an opportunity at each meeting to share a one minute promo spot.
Yes, you do. We invite one woman per profession into any of our groups. This allows you to have exclusive promotion of your profession. You will be asked when you join to be specific about the one profession you would like to represent within your Venus Group. There is a list of official Venus Professions that we use so please refer to that as to the profession list.




Members share their experiences and thoughts on being part of Venus.

Jo Pilkington

Sarah Bruce

Johanna May

Mandy Beverley

Through your groups connections you will be introduced to potential clients, referral partners and trusted suppliers

Build your confidence so you can passionately talk about yourself and your business.

Feel encouraged and supported by a group of proactive, like-minded women in business.

Learn how to market and sell your business through our fortnightly meeting topics.