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From: Catrina Bengree - Upper Hutt

To: Gail Godtschalk - Upper Hutt

Date: 21st August 2018

Service Product: Therapeutic Massage

Gail very generously donated her time to offer neck and shoulder massages to the women we support. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their massage and appreciated Gail's warmth and professionalism. Our staff loved them as well and have now booked ongoing treatments with her. Thanks so much Gail, you were fantastic. We all very much appreciate it and look forward to working together in the future.



From: Joanne Winiata - Christchurch - Papanui

Event Name: Single Women's Workshops

Short Description: Embracing the Woman you are to create a relationship you want in life.

Event Date: 27th September 2018

Event Time: 07:00 pm

Venue: 6 Elgin Street, Sydneham, Christchurch

Cost: $250 (for all 5 workshops)

To Register: PH 027-637-7208

Hosts/Presenters: Joanne Winiata RNBN, Pascha Therapist

Description: WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? This is a series of 5 two hour workshops over 9 weeks. Facilitating these workshops is Joanne Winiata from 'Soulsupport - Guiding the Essence of You.' With her tools of Pascha Therapy practice, nursing background, and life experience she offers a gentle approach to embracing the Woman you are to work towards creating you a relationship you want in life. BENEFITS: * Knowing your foundations as the Woman you are, to support you in daily life. * Learning to let go of the past, embracing the present by choosing practices in your life that support your well-being. * Learning to be clear about what you want and what you don't want in a relationship with clear boundaries. * Exploring what it means to open to relationship possibilities * Knowing what tools you can draw from inside of you to help create the relationship/life you want to live. * Learning how to navigate the journey forward through Self Awareness. * Enjoying the company of other women who share similar experiences. SPRING CLEAN your single life and get in touch with what this means for You! Keeping what supports you, letting go of what doesn't and opening to new possibilities. Limited spaces available REGISTRATION CLOSES 20th September 2018



From: Fiona Dolan - Central Hutt

To: Keryn Leger - Petone

Date: 26th July 2018

Service Product: Building and renovation

Keryn is an expert on double glazed windows! She understands the importance of where windows should be installed in your house to maximize the summer and winter sun. High Performance Windows provide a seamless experience from sales right through to installation.



From: Janine Nana - * Community Member

To: Sharon Cochran - Wellington South

Date: 26th July 2018

Service Product: Accounting

I have recommended many people to Sharon for accounting services and they all feedback 'she's great'. Her experience is very wide. She has made such a difference to my own business's finances; made it easy. The best accountant I have ever had!



From: Jennifer Myers - Hamilton North

To: Samantha Parsons - Cambridge

Date: 25th July 2018

Service Product: skincare

I took my teenage daughter to see Sam and ended up having a bit of a 'test drive' of her skincare and makeup products myself. What a great experience! Sam was patient, asked questions and was careful to choose just the right products for our skin. OH - and the eyelash tinting for my daughter was fabulous! Thank you Sam!



From: Alison Sullivan - Lower Hutt

To: Sheryl Hyde - Wellington North

Date: 25th July 2018

Service Product: Make up

Sheryl is so skilled at what she does. Her knowledge of skin types, what to highlight and colours was amazing. Thank you so much Sheryl.



From: Monica Shepherd - Smales Farm

To: Christine Martin - Smales Farm

Date: 24th July 2018

Service Product: Chiropractor

Thank you Christine for seeing me at short notice! I had very intense back pain that was causing me grief and even after just one session I can already feel a huge improvement, the sharp shooting pain that I was experiencing has dramatically reduced. I have a lot of faith in the work chiropractors do from previous experience, it really is so effective, and I felt very comfortable in your hands! This injury was a reminder to me though that chiropractors are not just there to be 'the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff' when injury strikes, so will definitely be making the effort to book in for 'maintenance' appointments once this injury is sorted!



From: Christine Young - Wellington CBD

To: -

Date: 16th July 2018

Service Product: Administrative Services

I highly recommend Alina Reed, Freelancer PA.
I have found her professional & she is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Christine Young



From: Jennifer Myers - Hamilton North

To: Kylie Kelly - Mount

Date: 16th July 2018

Service Product: Graphic Design / Website

I've known Kylie for just a wee while now but I really appreciate her dedication to what she does! She's genuine, caring and really wants to get it right for her clients.
Whether she's designing a logo or a complete website and visual 'brand' for a client, her focus is 100% on ensuring her clients are delighted with the end result.



From: Deborah Hamer - Lower Hutt

To: Zareen Byrne - Lower Hutt

Date: 13th July 2018

Service Product: Workshops

I seriously can't get enough of this lady!!!
I have now attended three of her workshops and am finally starting to understand what makes me tick, how to identify and control influences and soooo much more.
Zareen is a truly exceptional lady, her life experiences and understanding enables her to pass on her knowledge and help uplift and empower women.
Thanks so much Zareen you have made such an impact on my life :-)

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