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From: Jess Stuart - Wellington CBD

Event Name: Navigating Imposter Syndrome Workshop

Short Description: A half day workshop in Wellington to help you understand and navigate feelings of self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome

Event Date: 7th September 2019

Event Time: 09:30 am

Venue: The Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt

Cost: $95

To Register:

Hosts/Presenters: Jess Stuart

Description: I’m not sure I can do this, they’ve over estimated my abilities, I think I’m going to get found out, I’m scared I’ve taken on too much, what if I fail and I can’t do it? Does this sounds familiar? Do you feel no matter how hard you work it’s never quite enough? Do you worry what other people will think? Do you tend to avoid taking risks or taking on challenges through fear that you’re not quite ready yet? Do you hold exceedingly high expectations of yourself and always aim for perfection? You’re not alone; these thoughts played continuously in my mind despite countless promotions as I worked my way up the ladder and then as I sat around leadership tables and worked with groups of leaders in my Leadership Development work these thoughts echoed in their minds too. It’s more common than we think yet never talked about and the more we succeed the louder this voice becomes. But it’s not reality, it is just that; a voice in our heads often clouded by our brains negativity bias. Don’t let it slow your progress or allow these feelings to prevent you achieving your potential – learn how to navigate your negativity bias, overcome feelings of self-doubt, build resilience and face these fears to be the person you’re capable of being. It’s been the big thing that has resonated with many from my latest book and the subject of a recent TV3 interview I gave, now available live to Wellington as part of this event. In this session we’ll look at what Imposter Syndrome is, why it effects so many women and how we can navigate those nagging feelings of self-doubt to be our best and unlock our potential. Understand the impacts of fear of failure, perfectionism and our people pleasing tendencies. This workshop will be a deep dive into the subject and work on practical tips to help build self-efficacy, resilience and navigate those feelings of fear and inadequacy for you to take away and apply to your life. With refreshments included in your ticket price, there will also be some prizes and great goodies to take away so get in quick to secure early bird discounts and before the limited number of spaces sell out. With 15 years in HR working with Senior Leaders and a former leader of teams herself before starting her own business 4 years ago Jess writes and speaks about how we achieve our potential and find balance in life. With a particular passion for empowering women Jess is the author of two books, offers workshops for businesses and has an array of online courses. Featured recently in the Dominion Post, Stuff and TV3



From: Zareen Sheikh-Cope - Lower Hutt

To: Cara Molloy - Lower Hutt

Date: 3rd August 2019

Service Product: Lending, Mortgages, BNZ Live, Savings

I had a Rave with the lovely Cara last week and must say I was blown away by her knowledge. Not just with commercial lending, but Cara was able to answer a whole lot of questions I had about different BNZ products. She was able to give me some really solid and helpful information when I asked her about mortgages and personal savings. She also has shown me how beneficial BNZ Live would be for me now and as I grow my business. Another thing that really struck me about Cara is how much she genuinely cares and wants help her clients and watch them grow their business. Cara was so helpful and got right to organising the things we had discussed to do moving forward. Thank you so much Cara! I'm even moving banks now thanks that Rave!



From: Zareen Sheikh-Cope - Lower Hutt

To: Martine Carroll - Lower Hutt

Date: 28th July 2019

Service Product: Personal Trainer

I've started in Martine's 'Sexy Squad' programme. We have been working on switching on and strengthening our core. One of things that really stood out for me with Martine is how she spends the time and gets to know her clients, she is amazingly upbeat and fun as well as incredibly knowledgeable. She has the perfect balance of challenging and listening, understanding your needs, capabilities and limitations. Her whole approach is holistic, it's about your mindset and nutrition as well as your body. I really recommend Martine if you need to fill your bucket!



From: Martine Carroll - Lower Hutt

To: Sherri-Lee Scholtz - Wellington East

Date: 26th July 2019

Service Product: Beauty Therapy

I recently have received 2 treatments from Sherri-Lee and I am amazed at the result. The results are fantastic in their own right however here is why I recommend anyone to see her. Sherri-Lee has such a passion for what she does and it reflects in her recommendations and advice that she gives. She is totally focused on her clients getting the best result that they can. I love her confidence around that and it made me feel very well taken care of. She only uses the best technology in the way of products and equipment that she has researched, extensively, before she engages. Book in confidence that you will get the best quality of service with Sherri-Lee.



From: Paula Kruger - Central Hutt

To: Lucy Ambrose-Segetin - Kapiti

Date: 25th July 2019

Service Product:

I am so excited & boosted after a productive meeting with Lucy Ambrose-Segetin from Manage My Marketing. Lucy has been working with me over the last two month to raise my professional presence in and around my community and online. Lucy developed a strategy on growing my online presence by ways of a website, social media (Facebook and LinkedIn, and Google my Business).

A website is going to be key to growing my online presence, reaching a wider audience and generating new leads in my business. Lucy will then maintain, update, host & measure my website for small change.

Lucy will also continue to manage my social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. 5 posts a week on Facebook and 2-3 times a week on LinkedIN. FUN FACT: It is key to understand how many posts should be posted for your business to optimise your presence on respective platforms. Not only do you need to be posting on Facebook 5 times a week to maximise the the impact, you need to understand the different type of posts to go on Facebook (not just posting willing nilly.

I highly recommend a conversation with Lucy from Manage My Marketing. This lady not only holds a degree in business and marketing (fit for purpose), she has plenty of hands on marketing experience and even built a beautiful edible gifts business from scratch, which she franchised across NZ.

I am looking forward to the next level!



From: Helen Jackson - Hutt CBD

To: Martine Carroll - Lower Hutt

Date: 18th July 2019

Service Product: Personal Training

Yes, Martine is my business partner but I have held off until now to post a recommendation. I am one of Martine's clients and have been working with her for a few months now. I started because I have had pain in the muscle under my butt which as far as I am concerned is not a normal pain.

I was able to notice differences in my legs as the outer muscles were larger than the inner muscles so we were working to activate and balance those so I have seen those results, however, the pain was still there.

Finally I can report that the pain is virtually gone. I am now able to do squats barely feeling it!!! I know in time it will disappear completely.

Often times we want results quickly but in reality what we need to do is change how we are doing things and create lasting change, new habits, and new lifestyles, to get the results we want. So we need to keep at it, small consistent steps over time. And sometimes it won't feel like anything is happening...until it does. Like pretty much everything in life.

I highly recommend Martine, behind the extroverted exterior she is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how it works, how the muscles should be, and how to get you there. Unbelievable for someone who is so young.



From: Liz Brookes - Ellerslie


Short Description: SATURDAY 3rd AUGUST 12pm - 1.30pm $68 (includes materclass + practice sheet of exercise ideas + soft foam roller

Event Date: 3rd August 2019

Event Time: 12:30 pm

Venue: MoveArt-Align Yourself Studio, 47 Queens Road, Panmure

Cost: $68 (5% off Venus Members)

To Register:

Hosts/Presenters: Liz Brookes

Description: MYOFASCIAL ROLL & RELEASE MASTERCLASS SATURDAY 3rd AUGUST 12pm - 1.30pm $68 (includes materclass + practice sheet of exercise ideas + soft foam roller). Come along to this fun Masterclass this time focusing on rolling and releasing with the soft foam roller and learn some techniques to take away to keep you healthy, de-stressed, supple and released over the last month of Winter.



From: Heather Knewstubb - Kapiti

To: -

Date: 7th July 2019

Service Product: Lawyer

I highly recommend Tracey Pervan, lawyer at the Law Connection based in Raumati Beach and Waikanae. Tracey is friendly, approachable and really knows her stuff. We have recently changed from our previous law firm in the Hutt to Tracey. She efficiently oversaw the transfer and we also met with her to discuss the implications of elder law as my husband's mother is reaching a tricky stage. We found her very helpful with sound, sensible advice.
Heather Knewstubb, Time Genie.



From: Genevieve McLachlan - Upper Hutt

To: Gail Godtschalk - Upper Hutt

Date: 2nd July 2019

Service Product: Healing Practioner

I'd like to recommend Gail Godtschalk from Upper Hutt Massage for her excellent care after I had a severe flareup of my RSI. Gail was quick to respond to my call for an appointment and fitted me in straight away. She gave me an Orthobionomy treatment, which I was able to tolerate as it was very gentle and within a very short time I felt the treatment working. Over the rest of the week, my pain started to ease and I gained more movement in my arm. Gail then contacted me to find out how I was progressing, which I really appreciated. I will definitely be going back to Gail should I need any further treatment and can't recommend her highly enough.
Genevieve McLachlan



From: Zareen Sheikh-Cope - Lower Hutt

To: Judith Yeabsley - Lower Hutt

Date: 30th June 2019

Service Product: Consultation with children's eating habits

Judith is so knowledgable and helpful as well as full of passion. I called upon her expertise when I was having some issues with children at home not wanting to eat certain foods. Judith gave really good advice which I was able to start implementing straight away. I have no hesitation in picking up the phone if we start experiencing issues again and I highly recommend her services. :)

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