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Hello and thanks for stopping by and checking us out.  The first thing you’re probably wanting to know is what is Venus all about?  Simply joining Venus is about joining a community of business women that help one another.

We run our networking groups alongside the Venus Academy which is the training and development arm of the business.

I believe that the sense of community that Venus provides us with gives us the support, motivation and encouragement to do things in both our business and personal lives that without that sort of environment around us we may not do, simply because we don’t have the know how, the courage or we need some support and motivation!  As women we provide one another with a safe and friendly environment to learn and grow not only personally as women, but as business women as well.

Our vision is to help everyone, no matter where they are on their journey.  We use the network to support the network wherever possible, as the old saying in goes, you get out what you give,  so if you’re wanting to step up in your own business, now might be time to think about how you can contribute to the growth not only of yourself and your own business but also to the other Venus women you will meet when you join.

Our Regional Managers are all women well versed in business and in Venus, the main thrust of their roles being to help you get the most out of your membership by putting together your own personalised networking plan, of course the execution will be up to you but we’ll give you all the support we can and be your very own cheering squad!

What does this all mean to you as a potential member? It means we as a company we are stepping up and supporting and motivating one another, we’d love you  to come along for the ride.  We need your enthusiasm, your motivation and your love and support to help us get to where we want to be as a community.  A rising tide lifts all boats!

If you come in to Venus with a positive attitude and a work ethic you can’t fail!  It works for us, you can be sure it will work for you – a little hard work, and enthusiasm will see us all better off and more importantly we’ll be able to help one another and get to know a whole range of business women and businesses that we don’t yet know  – mostly you’ll come to understand how amazing this community and the women in it are!

Come and visit a group by registering as a guest. I look forward to meeting you soon.

26-27 October, 2018

Ellerslie Events Centre, Auckland




Members share their experiences and thoughts on being part of Venus.

Jo Pilkington

Sarah Bruce

Johanna May

Mandy Beverley

I have very much enjoyed being part of the Venus Network. I always look forward to the fortnightly meetings and the chance to catch up with the group on their news and to RAVE one-on-one to really get to know Venus members and their business. I always find it interesting to talk to people about what they do and why and their combination of skills and experience as it is this combination that is unique for every person / business…

I appreciate that Venus offers so many opportunities – to connect to members within and outside of your own group, the educational opportunities within Venus and the Venus Academy, to collaborate, meet new people, share ideas, learn from each other, become aware of the products / services available to help business owners thrive and personal products / services as well.  It’s great to know what is possible, what is available and to be able to support other members.

I chose Venus because of the Values, network and meeting structures, resources available, number of networking opportunities and the overall caring and supportive intention of the business. There is so much available to members through the various Venus offerings (referrals, collaborations, education, connections, the conference, magazine and so on) to those who choose to access them.

Venus certainly continues to grow each year in exciting new ways – congratulations on your development of the network offering!  It never ceases to amaze me the amount you achieve!!

Susannah Young

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