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News from Carolyn Banks, Venus CEO

2310, 2017

Newsletter from Carolyn Banks, CEO – October 2017

So it’s mid October and school holidays are over again. I swear this year is on ‘fast forward’! I have just got back from a week in Noumea sailing, snorkelling, sleeping and lying on the beach were also on the menu – oh and my French has improved markedly – mostly used for ordering food and wine so don’t ask me to have a full on conversation! Was nice to completely get away from everything. It’s amazing how having a break brings me back to Venus with even more energy and enthusiasm – looking after yourself feels great! So what have I been up to? Finalising the magazine, it has been a lot of fun and a really good learning curve for me as well. Have had a lot of help from others who are more experienced than me and I’m quite proud of the result. I’ve also been looking [...]

310, 2017

Newsletter from Carolyn Banks, CEO – September 2017

So by the time this is posted on on the website it will be October, where on earth did September go? It’s been a very full on month for yours truely working on our Academy programmes and workshops and getting timetables sorted for each region, I’ve also had the pleasure of working on our Venus Magazine which has been absolutely awesome! September has also seen me in Tauranga for a couple of days, and then the Venus Management Team had a Conference for a day and a half. It was an excellent opportunity to bring the Coaches and Regional Managers together and for us to work on a plan moving forward as a Management Team So what have I been up to? As I’ve said, Venus Training Academy and the new Magazine have been the two things that have gobbled my time up this month as well as organising and [...]

1608, 2017

Newsletter from Carolyn Banks, CEO – August 2017

Well, another month has bitten the dust, and I do think it is getting a little warmer or is that just wishful thinking on my part? I don’t know about you, but I think I’m done with winter thank you very much! As usual, the last month has flown by, helped a little this month by a week’s holiday in Melbourne with my sister and her family. It was lovely seeing my niece and nephews (although they’re all as tall or taller than me!) and spending time with my sister and her hubby. Loved the ‘one on one’ sister time as well, very special as with Mum’s dementia we only have each other to rely on and be there for. Oh, and in case you’re worried, yes I went shopping – love, love, love Melbourne during the sales – I was very definitely in my happy place! So what have [...]

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Here are some of the most common questions asked by members

It’s a one-on-one intentional business that you have with another Venus woman. It’s how women will get to know you, and how you get to know them. We recommend you have at least one RAVE a week until you’ve met everyone in your group. We also encourage you to use a RAVE form – you can find these in your member handbook.
Approach a member after a meeting or give her a call and ask her to have a RAVE with you. Simple as that. Remember, every woman in Venus wants to grow her network so she’ll most likely be very keen to meet. Some women have lots of RAVE’s already booked in so they may need to book you in, in a few weeks.
Yes you can, as long as there is not a member representing the same profession as you. If you’re keen to visiting a group please email your Regional Manager (her contact details are here). She’ll make sure there are no profession cross overs, make sure there is space to visit and will organise one for you. These are free and an amazing way to grow your network, meet more Venusians and have more women meet you.
A Power RAVE is a meeting with your Regional Manager and ITS ALL ABOUT YOU!

First and foremost its free, but its also a really good way to make sure you maximise the investment you’ve made in your membership. Your Regional Manager is aware of the membership in the region and can ‘matchmake’ introductions for you to other businesswomen you are may be able to work alongside. She is the one that has the introductory conversations with each and every member so has a good understanding of who our members are. Additionally she knows the resources available, not only within the region, but nationally within Venus as well. To book a Power RAVE please call your Regional Manager.

These free two hour workshops are run every quarter in each region. Please check out our events page for specific dates and times. To register please contact your Regional Manager.
Our values are at the heart of everything we do at Venus; how we live, how we work and how we serve the New Zealand business community. Our culture provides a foundation to achieve our purpose: to empower New Zealand women to thrive. They include:

You can read how our we commit our actions to living these values here. 

These will be launching around each region over 2016. The purpose of them is to foster business within Venus and outside of Venus. We’re living our value of collaboration and mixing it with our philosophy of abundance. It’s taking what we do in our group meetings to the next level of pro-activity and accountability. These are for women who are in similar fields and professions, working with similar clients. They involve a facilitated quarterly get together to brainstorm about how they can help one another and foster business. Women must be members of a Venus Networking Group to attend one of these gatherings.
From events, training, Academy courses and building your network, there is always plenty happening. Regular newsletters keep you updated as well as our Facebook page and groups. You are always welcome to ask any questions or tell us your suggestions. Visit the contact page here.
You can network with any Venus member by RAVEing. Even if you do not live nearby you can RAVE by Skype or phone.
When you become a member you will be given a log in to the members area and your profile. Here you can upload photos, link to your social networks and wesbite. You can be quite creative; add testimonials, recommendations, offers and lots more. Take a look at other members profiles in the group directory list.
Read more about advertising opportunities on the Venus Magazine page. 

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